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Automatic Car Wash Cleaners

Etowah Chemical Automatic Car Wash Cleaners are a top quality product at the best value available on the market today. Browse below to find the chemical to do the job you need, then contact us for your best price!

ECC-250: Premium Powdered Car and Truck Wash

EC bottle sample 125ECC-250 is a fast acting cleaner designed to loosen roadfilm and grime on all types of vehicles, use it on cars, trucks, trailers and heavy equipment. This powdered heavy duty cleaner is biodegradable.

It’s combination of alkalinity, sequestrants and low foaming surfactants quickly attacks dirt and grime and yet rinses quickly without streaking.

ECC-250 dissolves easily and rinses leaving no residue.

Wash & Wax Super Concentrated

EC bottle sample 125WASH AND WAX is a super concentrated blend of high foaming detergents, sequestrants and an acrylic co-polymer that washes and shines in one step. It leaves a protective coating on all vehicle surfaces.
It’s a great cleaner, WASH AND WAX easily removes road film and fallout from auto and truck surfaces. This safe-to-use product does not contain alkaline builders that create health hazardous or damage finishes.
WASH AND WAX is really economical, 6 to 8 cars can be washed from one bucket of solution.

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