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Floor Care

Etowah Chemical Floor Care Cleaners are a top quality product at the best value available on the market today. Browse below to find the chemical to do the job you need, then contact us for your best price!

Mighty Shine 20: Floor Finish

EC bottle sample 125
Mighty Shine 20 dries to a hard durable finish that is difficult to mar. Use on all resilient tile, marble, terrazzo, concrete and sealed wood.
Great for hospitals, schools, supermarkets, contractors and department stores where resistance to daily wear is essential.

Mighty Shine 20 burnishes and spray buffs easily on floors that have heavy traffic and that are buffed on a less frequent basis.

Mighty Strip Plus: No Rinse Stripper

EC bottle sample 125MIGHTY STRIP PLUS is fast acting, floor finish remover. This product is designed to remove layers of floor finish in less time, with less effort and no rinsing. Mighty Strip will not leave an alkaline residue requiring multiple rinsing. Floors are ready to re-coat without neutralizing when used as directed.

Use to remove waxes:
• Carnauba
• Microcrystalline

Straight Down: Degreaser & General Cleaner (With QR-1000)

EC bottle sample 125STRAIGHT DOWN DEGREASER & GENERAL CLEANER (With QR-1000) is designed specifically for use in cleaning operations having oil/water separators to break oil/water emulsion in the waste stream, so they may be discharged of quickly.
It is useful in a wide range of cleaning operations, such as pressure washing, truck washing, etc., where a moderately alkaline cleaner is required.

It has quick demulsifying degreasers, biodegradable surfactants and alkalinity builders to dissolve grease and grime.

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