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  • Getting the Job Done!floor cleaning

    Use Etowah Chemical Brands of cleaning solutions and equipment and...

    • Get it right the first time...
    • Effectively & efficiently...
    • Saving YOU time & money.

    Anything Cleaning.
    We've got it and want to be your source!

  • Customer Satisfaction is Job #1mop bucket caution sign

    Providing you with the best board line of cleaning products and cleaning equipment.

    • Churches
    • Hospitals & Nursing Homes
    • Industrial Plants
    • Offices
    • Schools
    • Truck & Auto Washes

    We have 'Cleaning Solutions' for everything!

Etowah Chemical Sales & Service

Etowah Chemical provides cleaning chemicals and equipment througout the USASince 1980 we have provided our customers with the best board line solutions of cleaning products and cleaning equipment for any application.

Whether you are an Industrial Plant, Truck & Automotive Wash, Hospital, Nursing Home or anything in between. Etowah Chemical has a proven record based on Customer Satisfaction is Job#1.

We have the personnel to train your employees to do the job correctly and services all makes and models of commercial pressure wash and cleaning equipment, not just what we sell. Call us today for all your cleaning & maintenance needs!

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