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Metal Cleaner (Painting)

Etowah Chemical Metal Cleaners for painting are top quality products at the best value available on the market today. Browse below to find the chemical to do the job you need, then contact us for your best price!

SC-310 Metal Pre-Clean

EC bottle sample 125SC-310 is designed for removing grease, forming oils, dirt and grime from unpainted surfaces. METAL PRECLEAN has dozen of uses in industrial and commercial environments. It is an alkaline cleaner that contains high amounts of emulsifying agents to clean oils without using solvents. It is specially formulated to be phosphate free to help you comply with the most rigorous phosphate discharge limits. SC-310 has low amounts of CHELATING agents to allow flocculating and oil separation devices to work at maximum efficiency. METAL PRECLEAN also retards rust formation before metal is painted.

SC-485 Metal-Guard Iron Phosphating Liquid

EC bottle sample 125SC-485 produces a uniform, fine-grained phosphate coating on mild steel, carbon steel, aluminum and zinc coated-steel. This coating creates an excellent base for paints by increasing the adhesion of all organic finishes and retards rusting of painted surfaces when scratched or injured. An easy-to-control liquid, SC-485 simplies phosphating operations, saves processing time, reduces equipment requirements; inject or meter Metal-Guard into washing equipment straight from drum.

SC-485 has exceptional detergent action for removing dirt accumulations and fabricating oils; it performs readily in hard or soft water with no scaling of tanks or heating coils; a labor and energy saving feature.

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