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Concrete Cleaners

Etowah Chemical Concrete Cleaners are a top quality product at the best value available on the market today. Browse below to find the chemical to do the job you need, then contact us for your best price!

WARPATH: Powder Concrete Cleaner

EC bottle sample 125WARPATH is a concentrated, fast acting cleaner designed to loosen grease and grime on all concrete surfaces and floors. WARPATH is great for cleaning garages, filling stations, paved parking areas or any industrial facility where there are concrete surfaces to be cleaned.
This powdered heavy duty cleaner is biodegradable and contains no phosphates. You’ll appreciate it pleasant citrus fragrance.
WARPATH dissolves easily and rinses easily leaving no residue. It changes from yellow to green to let you see the active alkalinity becoming a solution.

SC-98: Concrete Cleaner

EC bottle sample 125Apply SC-98 solution with a stiff brush and allow to stand for 5 to 10 minutes. Brush loosened concrete off. Extremely thick concrete may require a second application.

For very light concrete sc-98 may be diluted with up to 5 parts water. Rinse with hose or brush, flushing thoroughly with clear water until all suds are gone.

Be sure surface is rinsed well before chemical dries.

Renegade Cement Dissolver

EC bottle sample 125* Non-Corrosive * No- Sulfuric Acid
* Non-Fuming * No-Muriatic Acid
* 100 % Biodegradable * No-Hydrochloric Acid
* Non-Hazardous to Equipment * No-phosphoric acid

Renegade is an "ACID" alternative with no odors or fumes. It attacks the portland in cement, completely dissolving the hardened cement to a mushy substance that is then rinseable with a High Pressure Washer, using cold water. Renegade can be used to remove cured cement, concrete, mortar, grout & stucco off any surface.

Hammer 40

Hammer is a new product from Etowah ChemicalEC bottle sample 125

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